Project Description

Here it is again—our logo. Our logo is the most visible element of our identity—a universal signature across all QTEA communications. It’s a guarantee of quality that unites our diverse products and services.  We use the same version in print, on screen, and on the side of our buildings. It’s simple. Easy to understand. No drop shadows, no glossy reflections, no flashy graphic effects.  Our logo is a elegant, simple, graphic statement. It signifies a touchpoint, and a connection. The logo is made up of two elements: the symbol and the logotype. While it is a simple logo, we must treat it nicely. The following pages cover the correct usage to ensure the logo always looks its best.

Art Director : Mehdi Javadinasab
Graphic & Logo Designer :
Samira Amiri Siavoshani
typography : Mehdi Javadinasab
Research : M.Saeed Mohaghegh